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Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments. Microdermabrasion is for all skin types and all ages. Dramatic improvements in texture, colour, pore size, and wrinkle reduction can be seen in as little as 3 treatments.

Diamond Microdermabrasion 2002: 3-in-1 Machine

Diamond Microdermabrasion 

A crystal-free device marketed for professionals seeking an affordable unit that offers optimal cost-efficiency based on minimal consumables. This crystal-free system can be used for a variety of face and body applications using 9 stainless abrasion tips. The unit permits a uniform exfoliation suitable for a wide range of microdermabrasion treatments.

This is available with or with stand.

BONUS: Includes Ultrasound with 2 heads to infuse serums and Hot and Cold Hammer to heat or cool skin.

Crystal Microdermabrasion 2000

Crystal Microdermabrasion

This highly effective professional system projects crystals onto the skin, safely and evenly while keeping a circular motion. This creates a linear and even exfoliation resulting in less irritation of the skin. This corundum crystal device has auto-clean to prevent clogging.

Crystal with Diamond Microdermabrasion

Crystal with Diamond Microdermabrasion

This unit features the benefits of both crystal and diamond microdermabrasion featured in the above 2 descriptions.

Essential Peel by Silhouettone

Essential Peel by Silhouettone 

A Canadian-made crystal microdermabrasion with the same microderm features and high standards as the Dermapod. Optional add-ons include Galvanic Microcurrent Lifting and LED Light Therapy.

Dermapod by Silhouettone

Dermapod by Silhouettone

Made in Canada, this crystal microdermabrasion device is designed for the medical spa clinic.
It features the strongest compressor available and a unique 45 degree angled hand piece and patented turbo flow circulation exfoliation that combined ensures the deepest and most even microdermabrasion. 

Contact us today to learn more about our microdermabrasion options, pricing, sales and rentals and training.

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