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In an ever-increasing competitive market, knowing your client's needs is just smart business. We will teach you hot & cold treatment methods including hot peel off masks; the detoxifying benefits of seaweed and you will have fun in class with the chocolate treatments.

Face & Body Cupping & Drainage
5 Hours
Firm and tone the face, drain sinuses and relieve under-eye puffiness with face and body cupping techniques. Using modern glass cupping techniques, you can drain lymph nodes and disperse broken capillaries.

Body Treatments & Body Wraps
6 Hours
Body wraps will firm and detoxify your body and help reduce cellulite. We offer cold and hot treatment methods and information on the benefits of seaweed use, hot peel off masks and even treatments that incorporate chocolate. You will learn about Salt & Glo exfoliation and sweat blankets. Deep tissue massage, both manual and machine techniques, will enhance your body treatments. Give and receive a treatment.

Stress-Relieving Body Massage
7 Hours 

You will learn the basic techniques of a 60 minute muscle relaxing massage, including Effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, cupping, hacking, kneading and the theory behind massage techniques. The moves may be used with other services or as part of a Whole Body Relaxation Massage.

Hot Stone Massage
7 Hours
Using hot stones, massage away your clients’ stress! This is a popular treatment worldwide. Head to toe massage techniques will be taught and you can use these techniques in all the services you offer.

Chakra Aromatherapy Back Treatment
4 Hours
A rebalancing back treatment utilizing specific blends of essential extracts and rebalancing movements to provide the ultimate form of relaxation for your clients. 

Indian Head Massage
Level I – 6 Hours
Level 2 – 6 Hours
Indian head massage draws upon ancient traditional techniques to deliver a relaxing, stress-relieving experience for your clientele.

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