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Beautex offers a variety of treatment choices to reduce cellulite, water retention and to tighten loose body skin.

These technologies assist in improving the body's appearance in the following ways:

  • Circumferential reduction

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Skin refirming and smoothing

  • Cellulite dimpling reduction

  • Wrinkle reduction

Medical Grade Technologies


Low level laser therapy LLLT is a form of alternative medicine using light emitting diodes to gently breakdown the enlarged fat cells. Best cellulite reduction results are achieved when you combine Lipolaser with massage or other technologies as this is a gentle treatment.


V-body treatments are endermology treatments that combine deep tissue massage with Infrared and radio frequency to achieve the results listed above.

Slim Concept – EMS
12 programs are designed to deliver the most popular treatments. It can combat cellulite, help firm your arms, thighs, face and bust. It can also contour your body in general, or in localized areas for excess weight reduction. The pads are included.

Using ultrasound waves, enlarged fat cells are broken down to achieve the visual results listed above.

CryoTherapy Sculpting
Using cold therapy, enlarged fat cells are broken down and metabolized to achieve the visual results listed above.

At Beautex, our esthetic technologies are designed to help you and your clientele feel confident and empowered. Whether you rent, lease or purchase equipment, you can rest assured that our team stands behind everything we sell. Our after purchase care is renowned, and we will assist you with the education and marketing tools needed to grow your business. To further enhance your body slimming therapies visit our Esthetic Products - Body Slimming products for body wrapping and home care suggestions.

New technology always arriving. Ask for details.

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