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Count on Beautex for a full range of advanced facial treatment specialty courses that are designed to advance your facial skills especially for ACNE and ANTI‑AGING FACIALS. Learn new techniques to pamper your clients and to meet their individual skin needs. We teach you traditional therapies as well as the newest and the latest in technologies so that you can advance your treatment menu to treat all skin conditions and ages.

Microdermabrasion * AHA Peels * Microcurrent Lifting* Radio Frequency Skin Tightening * Microneedling * Oxygen Facial, Capillary & Skintag Removal


Crystal and Diamond Methods
4 Hours
Rated one of the top rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments by all major spa magazines; microdermabrasion is taking the industry by storm. Learn the theory behind it and benefit from hands‑on experience (perform a minimum of 2 peels). Learn to refine skin texture including enlarged pores, scars and stretch marks. Our machines are available for you to purchase or rent in your salon after the course. Learn the Diamond and Crystal methods!

Facial Muscle Lifting, Face Ironing & Photo Rejuvenation via LEDs
7 Hours 
Learn facial electronic muscle stimulation (lifting), ultrasound (facial ironing) and acupressure stimulation to lift and rejuvenate. All treatments incorporate the latest use of LEDs (light therapy), which adds the benefits of photo rejuvenation to the overall treatment. Our machines are available to rent or purchase after the course.

Cupping & Drainage
4 Hours 
Cupping and drainage can firm and tone the face, drain sinuses, relieve under-eye puffiness, improve body lymph drainage and disperse broken capillaries using modern vacuum and glass cupping techniques. 

Coagulate Broken Capillaries & Remove Skin Tags 
Level I – 3 Hours
Level II – 3 Hours
Learn Both – 6 Hours
Coagulate broken capillaries and remove skin tags, milia and sunspots using thermocoagulator technology.

In Level I, you will coagulate broken capillaries and Ruby Points.

In Level II, you will remove skin tags, milia and sun spots.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
Level I Face - 7 Hours
Level II Body - 4 Hours

You will benefit from learning the theory of facial skin tightening and lifting as well as tightening other parts of the body, such as arms and stomach. If your customers have loose facial skin and are looking hollow, it’s time to stimulate collagen to thicken and tighten the skin. If your clients have loose body skin, then it’s time to sculpt and tighten.

Microneedling & Dermal Stamping
4 Hours 
A specialized tool creates tiny openings in the skin. Special serums are infused and when the skin repairs itself, it improves. Reduce wrinkles, smooth skin texture, reduce enlarged pores and reduce hyperpigmentation. You can also retexturize and minimize any scars or stretch marks.

Oxygen Facial & Oxygen Infusion
3 Hours
An oxygen facial infusion delivers serums using 100% medical grade oxygen. Skin is massaged using this oxygen, which contributes to regeneration and visible plumping and line reduction. Oxygen also helps to calm redness and reduce acne-causing bacteria.

All skin types will experience dewy and radiant skin.

AHA Peels
Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic, Malic, Tartaric, All Natural Peels
4 Hours 
Enjoy healthy looking skin by removing damaged skin cells using natural, milder peels. Refine skin texture, reduce enlarged pores, improve rough and dry skin, reduce blackheads, pimples, hyperpigmentation and other problematic skin conditions. Complete the treatment using vitamin rich serums.

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