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You are what you eat. Skin vitamins will assist in trying to achieve that healthy, dewy glow to your skin. Here are the 2 most popular and proven skincare supplements to assist in achieving the skin you desire. Retail these products with confidence to your clients. Call for details and pricing.


Beautiful Marine Collagen

Multi-Algae Sea Vegetables
This powder provides the skin with necessary minerals, Vitamin B and amino acids for potent detoxing, anti-aging and acne clearing.

Beautiful Marine Collagen

Beautiful Marine Collagen
This supports collagen and elastin in our skin and joints. It reduces fine lines, improves elasticity and helps with joint pain. It is excellent for menopausal skin.


Beautex is proud to connect estheticians with some of the world’s finest skin care and esthetic products and supplements.

For more information on our product lines, give us a call today to speak to our professional esthetic team.

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